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Coming back….
September 12, 2012, 4:34 pm
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It’s been so…… Long since I log into my blog. Somemore send me a comment asking about jayden’s party details at hard Rock hotel, about two years ago. Only coneed want to reply her do I log in to this blog.

What have I been doing? Been busy and lazy I suppose.. Ha..

A little update about my two wonderfulboys.

Jayden is copping well in p2! His biggest problem is, too careless and never think deeper when deling with school work. That can sure send my blood boiling. He jut took his grade 1 piano practical exam about two weeks ago. I tried to extend my ears to the exam room and only managed to hear him played one of the Exam song. Teacher baey assured me not to worry! Cos all his students are all distinction students. Well, we shall see…

Little jaycus is such an adorable boy that melts both grandparents’ heart. He is in n2 and a big brother in class. He started on the violin individual class about 2 months ago, after graduating from the young beginners Suzuki violin class. It’s a lot of time and effort to practice the violin with him every evening. I’mpreparing him for a upcoming solo performance this coming Sunday. Over these two weeks, there’s definitely lots of shouting during his violin practice.. Ha.. I’due definitely more stress than him. A colleague ever moment that I’m a Tiger mum.. Think to some extend I am.

Thats all for now. Will try to come back soon.


Jayden – Milk Tooth
October 20, 2011, 3:14 am
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It’s  been sooooo long since I last blog. Have been really busy and many episodes had happen around me lately, that I simply had no mood to blog.

There’s some  progress about the boys which i would like to pen it down.

About 1 month a go, we realize that Jayden has a milk teeth coming up from the gums. It’s one of the front teeth that pertrude right behind the current ones. I was so worried that the growth will be block by the current ones. Suggested to go to the dentist and Jayden was so brave when the dentist suggest to remove the milk teeth on the spot. He just ask the dentist if it will be painful, and the dentist replied him NO but a little uncomfortable. He just said ok and the procedure continues.





























He skipped lunch that day and I sent him to school right after. He was so hungry that he ate 2 plates of  chicken rice during recess.

Next month, we will be going  back for review and most likely to remove the other front milk teeth. He is looking forward cos he will get to choose a pokemon card from the dentist after that.




South Africa 16 – 25 June (Day 3)
June 27, 2011, 5:46 pm
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At Camps Bay, with all the beautiful houses facing the sea. We were told that a lot of celebrities owned houses in Cape Town. On our background is the 12 Apostles of Cape Town.

Today was a long day with lots of places to visit. After a full American breakfast at the hotel, we went on a cruise to the seal island. Later part of the morning, we drove through Camps Bay, Clifton Beach and Houts Bay. By noon, we stopped at Fish Hoek for lobster lunch. The kids and even the adults had a great time at the playground by the seaside. From there, we proceed To Boulders Beach to catch a glimpse of African Penguins. Next, we went all the way to Cape of Good Hope for picture stop. The coach drove us all the way up to Cape Point, where we took a Furnicular up to the top of Cape Point.
Tonight we had dinner at a typical South African restuarant. The coach stopped along a small road near to the restaurant. It was dark and quiet. We were told to stay together and head straight to the restaurant. There’s even a security guard waiting for us where we alighted and ascort us to the restaurant. There’s a group of Black men hanging around near our coach. We were told not to have any eye contact with them. As we walked past, they tried to disturb Jayden. I was so worried. holding his hand so tied, the guard had to step forward to ask them to “Shut Up”. Clifton was carrying Jaycus. When we reached the restaurant, Jayden seems a bit scared. I had to ensure him that no worries now that we are inside the restaurant. As the trip  goes by, we realize that the group of black men were perhaps trying to say Hi to Jayden. This is just their way of greeting gesture. But who knows, we will never take chance. Seriously, dont think its safe to travel on your own in SA.

Looking out for the seals


A family pics at Hout Bay


South Africa 16 – 25 June (Day 1 & 2)
June 26, 2011, 11:56 am
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I’m trying to load all pictures on FB but its getting so slow and keep hanging on me.

The trip was really very enjoyable and fun for all! The boys like it very much, aside from the animals that we get to see along the way, there are also game arcades. For the old folks, there is more than 1 casino.

We touch down on Friday morning after almost 14 hours flight to Cape Town. The first stop we went to Ostrich Farm and had an ostrich steak lunch. Eerr.. nothing that the boys or me fancy. Suppose to go to Table Mountain next. But the fog is too heavy that block the entire view. The local tour guide suggest we check in to our hotel first before we check out Table Mountain again. About an hour later, the it was all cleared and we managed to take the cable ride up Table Mountain. The view was great and the rotaing cable ride ensure that everyone gets a 360 Degree view. After which we proceed to Signal Hill to catch the sunset.

Our hotel at Cape Town – Lagoon Bach Hotel, was a 2 bedroom suite (cos we are suppose to have a 3 bedder). It was facing the Atlantic Ocean with strong seabreeze right at our balcony.

Ostrich Farm - Male Ostrich are black and female ostrich are grey in colour.

With the Ostrich Eggs


Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town


View from our hotel room, facing the Altantic Ocean.


On the top of Table Mountain

Beautiful Sunset at Signal Hill

A Trip To The Safari
April 27, 2011, 2:47 am
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After much tussle with the airline, we had  managed to get back our refund from ANA.

After the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, we had to changed our holiday desination to Hokkaido (A pity, the family is really looking forward to the Hokkaido trip). After shortlisting a few desitinations, we’ve finally decided to be more adventurous to check out SOUTH AFRICA. The boys will be trilled to go to the Safaris, so is Mummy. It will be a long 10 days trip from 16 – 25 June. Hopefully, the well travelled boys will not have any problem with the 10 hours flight.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be winter in SA.  A bit weird as Safaris often seems to be associate with hot weather.

A pity we cant take the Hot Air Balloon, as its only for Children 8 years and above.

Aside from preparing the winter clothes and planning for food for the children, I am also checking out the safety tips in SA. The downside, its not a really safe country..

Jaycus Term 1 Review
April 7, 2011, 5:37 am
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Jaycus in Traditional Costume for CNY celebration in school.

It’s been 4 months since Jaycus  started N1.

I went for his term 1 review before the March school holidays. Both Teacher Noa and 孙老师 were very impressed with him. Teacher Noa said he is very independent and sometimes very cheecky in class. When they were singing “Row,Row,Row your boat”, he will pretend to be a crocodile and chase his friends in class. 孙老师 say 典薰骏最棒!! He is the only child in class that can communicate with the her without much communication barrier. Jaycus will point out to her when he realize that his classmates did not do the drawing the way they were told. He will go : “老师你看!“

Generally, he is enjoying school very much. Everyday when I reach home he will rush to his blue bag to take out the story book which he had borrowed that day. He will put the book beside the bed and wait for me to shower and read the book to him before bedtime. Unfortunately, sometimes he will fall asleep even before I had a chance to read to him.

On days, where there are music, he will come back singing away the whole evening.

There are areas which we would need to spend more time on him, such as his recognition of letters. But for now, I am not stressing him and just let things be.

Canon in D
April 7, 2011, 1:58 am
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I am very obsessed with this tune. Everytime when I hear this, it just soothes my mind.

It gets more emotional, during Jayden’s K2 graduation ceremony. The moment we step into the theatre, the room was filled with this heartwarming tune and the big screen was showing the montage of the children’s activites in school and pictures with their classmates and teachers. I’ve seen how Jayden enjoyed his prechool days with his classmates and how close they were, how he had grown over the last 2.5 years at Chiltern House. It really melt my hard. The school had really did a good job. (Viv, I’m sure your tears will flow when your time comes in Oct).

I’ve been telling Jayden that I am hoping that he will play this on the piano one day. They boy is already bugging his piano teacher, Mr Bey, to teach him. This may take a long while more as he is preparing Jayden for his Grade 1 exam pieces.

With Jaycus starting on the Violin, it will be my dream to see the two boys playing a duet of Canon in D in Violin and Piano.